Q1 - Can I play this game in screen resolution smaller than 1024x768?
A1 - Yes, although the game was designed to be played in 1024x768 as the smallest resolution. You can manually edit a text file located in cfgs folder named 'startup.cfg' and change first two values to your desired screen resolution. Keep in mind that parts of the screen may no longer be visilbe.

Q2 - I need to forward the port for multiplayer game. Which port does Thunder Fleets use?
A2 - Thunder Fleets uses port 13136.

Q3 - I can't give orders to my units. How to make them move?
A3 - To select a unit, click it with left mouse button. To give an order to a unit, click on the destination with right mouse button. In case of using a laptop that has no mouse attached, please refer to the computer's manual on how to perform right clicks. (typically, for Apple laptops this can be done by control + click on touchpad)

Q4 - I have a problem that this FAQ did not resolve. How can i get in touch with you?
A4 - Please write an email to info@orator-games.com.